We continually update our blueprint, including specific strategies to help us achieve our goals, and measures to track our progress. Currently, our efforts are focused on:

  • Engaging additional providers to apply for School Readiness slots in order to offer more preschool opportunities and choices for Stamford families;

  • Providing ongoing professional development to early childhood educators and the K-3 community;

  • Supporting the Stamford Public Schools as they provide summer programming for incoming Kindergarten children without previous preschool experience;

  • Examining ways to empower parents and other caregivers to partner with health care professionals to offer consistent well-child care and support for children birth to eight;

  • Breaking down the communication and access barriers that often prevent parents and caregivers from utilizing services and finding resources; and

  • Looking more deeply at both quantitative local and state data, and qualitative data (e.g., caregiver surveys, focus groups, needs assessment) to understand how to impact our results.

Our History

Our Blueprint for Success

We first designed Stamford's early childhood blueprint in 2009, and remain committed to implementing a plan that draws on collective community resources to enhance the development, education, and well being of children.

We envision all children as lifelong learners, we advocate for greater shared responsibility among community agencies and members, and we provide a strong foundation upon which to implement our community vision. As a community, we are committed to supporting school readiness in all children, and this is a key component of our work. 

Our model of operation addresses the changing needs of Stamford's families, and includes a broad range of childhood services from our community. Our Stamford community possesses a wealth of assets that can be harnessed to support quality of life for all children and families.